Chabad of Rechavia is seeking an exceptional bilingual Office Manager/ בית חב"ד ברחביה מחפשת מנהל משרד


Mission Statement: Chabad of Rechavia’s goal is to enrich the Jewish experience of residents of – and visitors to – Jerusalem, triggering a desire for long term Jewish engagement.

The organization is about to undergo rapid expansion in the coming months.

Chabad of Rechavia is looking to hire an office manager to be responsible for the general operation of our office, and be closely involved with the upcoming expansion. Duties will involve greeting visitors, answering incoming phone calls, supervising our (future) office staff to ensure maximum productivity. You will also be required to track social media and produce reports.

To be a successful hire, you will need to have prior experience in office administration, and be seeking a challenging position with the opportunity for growth.

The Office Manager will report directly to Rabbi Yisroel Goldberg.

Office Manager Responsibilities:
Overseeing general office operation.
Greeting visitors, answering incoming phone calls and delivering a positive engagement experience to those reaching out to Chabad of Rechavia.
Coordinating appointments and meetings.
Supervising, mentoring, training, and coaching future office team members and delegating assignments to ensure maximum productivity.
Sales of Tefillin & Mezuzot for walk in customers.
Producing reports & composing correspondence.
Creating presentations and other management-level reports.


Office Manager Requirements:
Excellent communication and relationship-building skills
A bachelor degree or equivalent.
Bilingual (Fluent Hebrew & English).
Two years of experience in office administration or similar
Excellent computer skills, including a high degree of proficiency in Microsoft Office/Google Workspace. Familiarity with project planning tools or equivalent

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למשרה: Chabad of Rechavia is seeking an exceptional bilingual Office Manager/ בית חב"ד ברחביה מחפשת מנהל משרד

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