The KIVUN Center and Avi Katz in a success conference

In a one-of- a-kind conference, the Kivun Center will host Avi Katz, founder of Coffix and Hagshamah, for a fascinating lecture: all the secrets and keys to success!

Have you ever asked yourself how a vision can be turned into a revolutionary initiative, and where the greatest success stories actually begin? How an unprecedented idea, which nobody has ever thought of before, is launched? How boundaries can be broken to reach new and better places? What the most effective formula is for achieving goals? What lies behind the inventions that have changed our lives? And who, for example, is behind Cofix?

Avi Katz is an Israeli businessman and entrepreneur who is one of the founders and owners of Cofix – the coffee shops that have become an Israeli success story, familiar to many of us through the dozens of branches sprouting in every corner around the country. The chain gained its fame thanks to its fixed price list: all products sold at all Cofix branches cost exactly five shekels. This makes the stores useful and attractive to customers. The chain’s sweeping success as evident in the high sales threshold, as well as the innovative revolution it engendered in the consumer culture, are only some of the excellent results of this unique initiative.

The initiative, like all other innovative initiatives that break into the market, began simply with a brave, determined and powerful vision.

In a fascinating lecture that will be delivered on the stage of the Kivun Center, Avi Katz, founder of Cofix and the Hagshamah Fund, will expose the secrets of his success story and the golden keys that can open the gates of success to each and every one of us. This lecture will launch an extensively-planned series of lectures by businessmen, brought by the Kivun Center with the goal of exposing the professional secrets of successful individuals, the real tips and the big and small stories behind the headlines.

The Kivun Center is invested in your personal success, and believes that you too can create your own success story. If you think that you can also take the keys into your hands and open the gates to success, we invite you to sign up for the fascinating conference that will take place on Thursday, 30 Adar I (March 10), at exactly 6:00 p.m. in the Kivun Center’s auditorium. Entrance is free of charge, for men only, prior registration required at the Kivun Center. Limited number of seats.

Be the next success story!